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Computer Sciences Corporation represents the mother of innovative technological advances that very few can begin to enumerate. The task of analyzing the mother of analysis is quite prestigious. Before the invention of the PC there was Computer Sciences Corporation. Prior to the Internet, the network backbone of Computer Sciences Corporation existed paving the roadway. UNIVAC dominated their computer environment and the invention of one of the first administrative databases was under its helm. The leadership of A Science and Art Corporation was contracted only to enhance its services in the IBM mainframe arena.

There is not an aspect of government that has not been serviced by Computer Sciences Corporation. NASA, Strategic Air Command, United States Coast Guard, Army Logistics, Federal Aviation Administration, Social Security Administration and Federal Emergency Management Agency are just a few notable departments served. First and foremost is security of any application.

Enhancements to each and every system required the axioms of security and anomaly free operation applied. Projects analyzed were Egyptian Air Force, Army Keystone, Defense Logistics Agency, USCG and FEMA.

The significant point for servicing these projects was to create an environment that was secure for each individual project within the confines of the assigned IBM host system.

Each of the projects required attention to the roles within the strategic domain and when necessary they acquired their own dedicated hosts.

The modules identified and developed according to specifications for each of the projects. There were established policy and procedures that required to be followed to the letter. Quality Assurance was performed by independent department with authority to approve or halt implementation.

Unique to any organization Computer Sciences Corporation's empowerment of the Quality Assurance department and Integration department paved the methods of what is known as change management. Each of the projects were signed-off by Quality Assurance and Integrated for implementation.

Project evaluation involved all the strategic personnel as well as the development team members and Quality Assurance.

Points of discussion were noted and reevaluated.

All of the projects were successfully executed in a production environment. Leadership of A Science and Art Corporation is fortunate to have been part of Computer Sciences Corporation legacy in providing commitment, quality and security. Succinctly put by CSC, "The only limitations there are those you bring with you."


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